The Golden Mean (LS-TR-80)

Have you ever use Europeana Resources for maths? Do you have any idea about the Golden Mean? Let’s find out what kind of number it is. This learning scenario is prepared for a 9th-grade maths lesson. Irrational Numbers, special numbers, the Golden Mean section. In this learning scenario, we aimed to teach what this is ( the golden ratio). Let’s go!

Who is Fibonacci?

Mathematician Fibonacci discovered the Fibonacci sequence which had very interesting properties. The teacher will open a video about  Fibonacci and The Golden Mean. After watching the video, students will discuss the number they’ve learned and how Fibonacci found it. Then, the teacher mentions about where they can find the golden mean in their daily life and wants them to find other examples. Besides, she/he also mentions the importance of the golden mean in artworks and architectural works. Therefore, the teacher introduces the Europeana website.

Europeana Website

The teacher establishes the purpose of the Europeana platform. He/she explains to the students how to access and use the available resources. Afterwards, the teacher stresses the importance of copyright and explains which license makes the resource usable. The introduction is done beforehand because pupils use Europeana content when they prepare their studies.

Let’s Go

Firstly, students are divided into groups. After organizing the groups, they pick one of the Europeana link chosen by the teacher and they examine it. Because of preparing their works, they must know what is the connection of this source with the golden mean by answering these questions: how can they use Europeana? Can they find another resource related with the golden mean? These are the main tasks for the groups.

The usage of the golden mean in History is also be searched by all groups. During 40 minutes, students make their searches, collect the knowledge they need, pick another source from Europeana and prepare their presentations. The leaders of the groups make the presentation on the smartboard.


For assessment, students use a rubric. The teacher also asses student by using Kahoot or another online assessment tools. This will help to evaluate all the students about the topic.

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CC BY-NC 3.0 NL – The featured image used to illustrate this article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. It can be found on Europeana. The image has been resized and labelled to illustrate this article. To find the original image click here.

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