The great war through children’s eyes (LS-GR-05)

SoI-IT-04 - scan of a child postcard during World War 1

Developing knowledge, understanding and empathy regarding the living condition during the Great War : this is one of the aim of this learning scenario developed by Theodora Gkeniou, Europeana Ambassador for Greece.

The learning scenario focuses on building the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. For this, it uses the topic of “World War 1 through the eyes of children”, as depicted on Europeana objects such as postcards, letters, photos, etc.

Among the numerous activities, students :

  • participate to a Transcribathon, study materials with historical facts, becoming more familiar with WW1,
  • create a small museum guidebook,
  • do a storytelling activity,
  • play a game to discover Europeana WW1 objects.

In another module, a comparison is made  between WW1 and the recent war in Syria, with a focus on the lives of refugee children. An experiential activity follows, involving the recreation of a correspondence between a child and their combating father.
Finally, students express their feelings through three alternatives; (1) recreating a visual prompt; (2) writing a poem; or (3) enact a role play.

To help them through these activities, students have access to a variety of digital tools and resources such as Europeana Collections material.

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