The Invisible Enemy: in Times of Crisis (LS-HU-322)

This learning scenario is intended to teachers and students of all levels and ages to have a look at the world crisis we are facing right now. What are the most typical representations of fighting? Can it be done only physically?

The idea behind this LS is to help both students and teachers cope with the unexpected situation we are living in now. I have also tried to include social media as well to create a sense of familiarity and belonging if we can be together now only virtually.

Questions raised by this lesson

What are the things that we have taken for granted but we cannot do now? How and why is it like this?

What are the enemies we cannot see? Which ones exist in your head?

How can media alter our feeling of security?

Search for artefacts on Europeana related to the concept of hope. What makes them representatives of hope?

Rijksdagverkiezing in Berlijn – Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie – CC0

Involving social media in a learning scenario

Look for the most popular # keywords on social media encouraging proper behaviour during the time of crisis e.g. #stayathome. If possible, try one. e.g. colour a rainbow and decorate your window with it. Are there any social media events celebrating health care workers? Step into your porch and applaud them at the proper time.

Hope Computer Corporation, 1970-80 – Kulturarvsstyrelsen – CC BY

A message to your future self

What will be the first things you do when the danger is finally gone? Email your future self, date it to 1 July. Give 5 things you would like to do but you cannot now.

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and belongs to the public domain.

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