The Mad Mina and the invisible gender (LS-IT-621)


From the hidden mothers (a genre of photography common in the Victorian Age featuring a series of women obscured by curtains, tablecloths, or furniture while they held squirming infants still for portraits) to the Dutch left-wing radical feminist activist group Mad Mina, from the Italian Feminists’ call for legal abortion to the gender pay gap ‘statistics, this learning scenario encompasses a  variety of themes connected with the battles of women for becoming visible in a world designed for men.

Learning objectives

Through this cross-curricular LS  students have the opportunity to practice extensive and intensive speaking and reading skills in the target language (English) using a variety of agreeing / disagreeing phrases and learning a range of words and expressions related to political struggle. The accurately selected resources and documents encourage pupils to think critically about feminist activism connecting their own, or familiar, lived experiences with feminist perspectives on social justice. 

Material realized by students for tear Stereotype Up campaign


Students accomplish a wide range of tasks aimed at boosting their creativity and thinking skills, such as, for example, realizing an imaginary interview with Wilhelmina Drucker, one of the first Dutch feminists, or creating a digital poster for a campaign to dismantle gender stereotypes. 

Learners are also requested to realize a questionnaire to discover the recipient’s attitudes towards women’s and men’s roles in society and to test their ability in detecting the clichés about gender representations.  The annexes included in the Learning scenario allow to easily replicate the listed activities in different educational settings and contexts.


The learning scenario, perfectly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender equality, works well also as a prevention of bullying related to gender discrimination. The level of participation of the learners in the planned activities is excellent because their protagonism and imagination are strongly promoted and rewarded within the whole learning path.

Tear Stereotype Up Campaign realized by students

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History.

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