The Other Is Inside Us and We Don’t Fear (LS-DI-717)


This learning scenario is a lucid reflection on our society, which tends to label us as abnormal and marginalize anyone who deviates from apparent perfection and everything that is fashionable. Throughout this learning scenario, the students will explore identity, relationships, interdependence, equality and perspective. This learning scenario introduces the students to an important social problem in our community, the fear of diversity in schools.

The fear of different ideas and different points of view. The students will identify situations of this “phobia” and different “perspectives” they reflect on the stereotype and prejudice. Furthermore, by using skills such as critical thinking, and listening to others, students will have to express their opinion regarding the contents of the texts, images and videos presented to them, asking questions, raising doubts and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of socially responsible citizens sensitive to adversity.

Learning process

Various activities and Europeana resources put students in a place where the expression of one personality and identity in training is confronted with the prevailing models in society and in the small classroom environment. The training is conducted by promoting and sharing the reflection, critical analysis, in-depth research and a collective resolution process of problems.  In particular, the student began to know which situations are “comfortably” for them. Using skills such as critical thinking, and listening to others, students will have to express their opinion regarding a discussion about diversity (Jelly). 

Students reflections

The students expressed various emotions and reflections:

“I didn’t know what to do and that I must reflect about ‘perspective’”.

“I had never stopped to think about the idea that no one is an island.”

“I thought a lot about the concept of diversity and its interdependence with all things of the world.”

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