The Power of Tea (EN-CUR-488)

Has tea lost its role in our daily lives? The habit of consuming unhealthy beverages has overcome the culture of drinking tea, which has lots of medicinal properties and health benefits.

Some people still cherish the tradition of drinking tea, others use if for its medicinal properties. The power of medicinal plants was once appreciated and recognized by our ancestors. Tea has its history but also it is part of the present. In this learning scenario, together with students, we will try to restore the recognition of the hot beverage we call tea.

This learning scenario has been developed during the English version of the “Europeana in your classroom: building 21st-century competences with digital cultural heritage (Rerun)” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices. The courses can be accessed here.

Author: Jasna Milički

Age of students: 11-13

Subject and topic: Cross-curricular topics, History, Science, Information and Media literacy in Library / Tea in Present and the Past

Learning Scenario

CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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