The Powerful Women in Europe (LS-ES-16)

When trying to connect Cultural Heritage and Primary school, some difficulties might arise due to the difficulty in adapting the lesson to the level of the students or making them realize the importance of History and its impact in our lives. Working with something real and defined, such as a timeline, will be helpful and make the concepts easier to understand.

This Learning Scenario wants primary students to investigate and create a timeline about important women along European history. Looking in the Europeana Website, you can find lots of information in the following part:

We will mainly try to work (investigation and timeline) using ICT, but there could also be the possibility to work with the internet for the investigation and creation stages; a big poster that can be shown in the school corridors as a final product.

Nowadays a lot of effort is given to make our students understand the importance of women in history. Therefore, this Learning Scenario could be a great task to be done around the 8th of March. Students could celebrate The International Women’s day with a task that makes them understand the relevance of women throughout European History.

Once the students have decided the woman they are going to work on, they will complete a worksheet with her main data. Then they will prepare an interview to be recorded just as if it was taking place during the time when the woman was alive. This part will be very useful for them to understand the woman on a practical way, but also to be aware about certain characteristics of the historical moment they are working on.

As a class, we will have a common final product which will be the timeline with all the selected women but also every student will create a post in their personal digital portfolio including all the working information, and products with a short reflection about their learning process.

This Learning Scenario could be implemented in every class of Year 5 or 6 of Primary School with at least a couple of ICT resources for searching for information and for recording the videos. Also this LS could be extended by adding to the timeline some important and significant women of their city, town, village or country.

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