The smaller device the more you can get! (LS-PL-63)

This learning scenario, based on Europeana resources, is a great opportunity to integrate a few school subjects, such as:

IT: the history of IT devices, the direction of IT development,

English ESL: learning English vocabulary,

Social Science: cooperation and presentation skills.

Device history and development

The aim of the LS is to know a short history of computers and mobile devices. From old calculators to modern smartphones. Students will get to know how computers have been evolving over the last 60 years. They will understand the minimalizing happening in IT and the reasons for it.

They will also have the opportunity to be very creative.  First, they will discover trends in new technologies and the direction of IT development. Then they will prepare presentations on new technologies they would like to invent. Moreover, they will create models of these innovations. The main goal is to prepare a projects exhibition.

I highly recommend using for any group decision activity. It is also a great web tool for brainstorming and votes with real-life results. The basic version is free of charge.

This scenario is a part of a multidisciplinary lesson series “Coding – then and now” combining English (ESL) and IT.

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