TTA – Time Travel Agency (LS-HU-02)

Time Travel Agency is a project for storytelling. This learning scenario was created by Katalin Lőrincz, Europeana Ambassador for Hungary. It aims to teach students how to navigate in a virtual museum, uses creative story-telling, ICT tools and a lot of collaborative group work.

Project Based Learning

Travelling through Europe and looking for past memories is an excellent opportunity for students to create their own stories and picture gallery. It fits all subjects and can be done on all level of English. Choosing personalized projects and letting the students set their own goals makes students more motivated and enthusiastic. Project-based learning makes the lessons more joyful, challenging and engaging. If you would like to try this lesson be prepared for a lot of fun travelling around Europe and inventing fantastic stories behind the photos from Europeana.


“At the beginning of the term Mrs. Katie asked us to discuss and then suggest themes for our projects. As we are a bilingual school, having an online chat session with students around the world is one of my favourite activities. As an avid lover of various cultures, traveling for me is exhilarating and it is more about sights, sounds and people. So it was obvious that we would like a project connected to traveling. Travel Agency from the future sounds wonderful” – said a student from 9th Year when they brainstormed the ideas for the following term’s projects. The school is a bilingual school, many students come from international families. This learning scenario aims to address this aspect of their lives.


Budapest - Starting our Travel 
 (nl) Budapest éjiel/ Budapest bei Nacht/ Margit-körút/ Margereten Ring, Hungary (LS by Kati Lőrincz)
Budapest – Starting our Travel
(nl) Budapest éjiel/ Budapest bei Nacht/ Margit-körút/ Margereten Ring – Rijksmuseum – Public Domain

The teacher introduces them the Europeana site, gives small tasks to look for and learn how to use the browser. Then they present their findings in groups. They realize that Europeana is the best world to sink in for treasure hunt.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperation work during the lesson

Cooperative learning requires students to work in small groups. They are the staff of a travel agency in the future and can decide the year, place and profile of their agency. Afterward, they search the portal to create their own collection. However, each group has the possibility to decide on a specific variation of the task (newspaper staff, fashion centre, sports agency or so on). Time Travel Agency is a project for inventing creative stories and using 21st-century skills. 

Collaborative Group Work

At the beginning, they form groups according to their choice of topic. Furthermore, during their collaborative group work, they found their Travel Companies offering specialized travel services back to the past. Consequently, tourists can’t influence history in any way. They are interested in past memories, culture, buildings, food, and people. They have to browse the Europeana web page for dates, sights, objects worth visiting, present them and even create stories related to the object, location or person. Each group can work on their ideas, culinary tours, “disaster tourism” (following the footsteps of the two world wars).

Project Outcomes

Their task is to design a week-long journey, which involves a time-cruise around Europe.
Firstly they have to design an itinerary on Travelmap, then secondly they present it in Emaze (gallery view) or Prezi.
Finally, they create a brochure with Canva or AdobeSpark or Sway.

Travelmap with Europeana photo collections

Summary of a Team Work

We are a British News (& Pasts) company from the year 2077, and our Main Office is on the ISC ( the International Space Colony). Therefore our work consists of uncovering the hidden details of today and the mysteries of yesterday. Our  Newspaper was established by Owen Neistat in 2062. Actually, he was the son of Casey Neistat the famous Youtube creator of the2010ss and the owner of the website from the early’20ss. Unfortunately, Mr. Owen died a year ago so The company’s management is in the hands of Mr. Muzsnay. Our Pasts are the freshest in this system because we actually go back to the past to get information about events and then go even further back to experience it ourselves. We search on European for past stories (postcards from World Wars, photos) and recreate them.

Look at their plans here:

Web Page of the Project

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario ? You can download it bellow:

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