VR AR Guernica (LS-ES-37)

IES Consaburum is an excellent example of European 21st century School in which students benefit from active learning through several European projects. We are currently running an Erasmus+ project, “Designing a neuro-educative school”, with full or new methodologies for learning. Every year we exhibit our learning products in an Open Day, in which the whole community can enjoy and also learn from our experiences.

A VR AR school exhibition

The aim of this interdisciplinary project, designed for students from 14 to 16 years old, was to join in this year’s Science Fair, held on the 4th of May. Which is a very significant event for our school. All our attendants had the opportunity to discover all the hidden meanings and history around a worldwide known masterpiece: the Picasso’s Guernica (1937). Thanks to a VR cardboard and a VR/AR battery of images made or curated by the students, all the visitor could enjoy 3D images of the painting and the bombing that inspired it, all extracted from Europeana.

That way, visitors were able to discover its hidden meaning. bu as well, the aims of the artist, Pablo Picasso. Also, we tried to connect the paintings, to real images of the city’s booming.  Additionally, students have created a poster, giving extra information about the painting.

We were trying to create an adequate atmosphere for learning, and provoke emotions with the 3D visualizing of the painting.

For that reason, at the end of the activity, we asked all the visitors to write down on Mentimeter, a word that evokes from the painting.

Supported by an interdisciplinary project

Like we do in other Erasmus+ experiences, this project was an interdisciplinary project. It involved the Technology, Social Sciences and Counselling Departments. The building and designing of the VR Cardboard were on behalf of the Technology Department. Then, the afterward designing and curating of VR and AR depended on the other two Departments. Furthermore, we wanted, with this activity, to include students with different backgrounds and abilities. This is why the involvement of the Counselling Department was so important.

In the end, the whole process will help the students and the rest of the school’s educational community to understand, not only the worldwide masterpiece that The Guernica is, but also an important chapter of our recent history.

By these means, we want to highlight that peace and reconciliation is possible even in the greatest of tragedies. It is crucial to know what can happen when we forget that.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below :

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