Water Scientists (LS-ES-562)

This Learning Scenario, developped by Leticia Gil, a member of the Spanish User Group is intended to be integrated into the Early Childhood Education Curriculum of Spain, which encompasses three areas that are worked in a globalized way. Observation has been the fundamental evaluation technique. It has been carried out continuously and progressively. Through this scenario activities children will learn how important their actions are to preserve water, knowing how important it is in our life.

Students experimenting. Workshop with families. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

Water is a precious resource and through this LS our students will become Scientists investigating the properties of water. What is more, they will learn how easy is to obtain water in our lives and how difficult it is for other children from other countries. This LS was implemented around the 22 of march in order to celebrate the World Water Day. We even celebrated the water party this specific day.

Workshop activity. Workshop with families. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil
Students experimenting. Workshop with families. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

The students reaction to the scenario activities has been a total success. The interest shown by the students has been exemplary from the first moment. Their curiosity and motivation have been essential to obtain good results. Students have been able to approach scientific knowledge, developing their logical and critical thinking. Experimentation has been fundamental in all activities through the different experiments done in class. In the following link we share our experiments and the activities done:

LA CLASE DE LETICIA: Proyecto El agua (leticiasclasroom.blogspot.com)

Workshop with families. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

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