Welcome in Tichongo – Travel Guide (LS-FR-315)

Our students invite you to come and visit Tichongo! As you may know, Tichongo is that tiny European country which everyone always forgets … How do you mean you don’t know it?

Travelling to an unknown country

Come and discover our travel guide book about this country. One thing is for sure, your only wish after reading it will be to come and spend your holidays there!

A whole country was created and illustrated based on images found on the Europeana website, leading to the drafting of a genuine travel guide book on a completely unknown country which came straight from the students’ imagination.

Like real book authors (learning outcomes)

This learning scenario gives students the opportunity to feel like authors and discover how writing is powerful. After studying the composition of a travel guide (what it is made of?) and find their inspiration in free rights pictures from Europeana Collections, pupils are invited to create the map of their world and the habits of this neverland. Also, they have to invent some species of plants or animals, some cities and way of life… They worked alone, in groups or with their teacher’s help if needed.

A real printed guide for a magical trip!

In the end, after many weeks of work (more than 2 months), each student received a 32-page booklet; a very complete travel guide with texts and illustrations handmade or from the Europeana database. Moreover, they had the opportunity to share it with the whole school during the week of foreign language. They obviously presented it to their family too. They were so proud of having exceeded their limits and became real authors with real readers. Discover their incredible work!

Feel free to create your own country to enrich the collection of Europeana travel guides! Have fun and enjoy it. We are expecting you and your student imagination for more exotic’s trips!

Teaching activities

Digital technologies (Europeana Website, typing) – French (reading and writting) – Geography and History (draw a map and imagine the country history) – Plastic art (illustration) – Civic and moral education (working on group).

Here is a link to the resulting guide (French)

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

And find out about the resources used to create the travel guide:

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and belongs to the public domain.

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