What if I were Monet? (LS-PL-293)

The Europeana Collections, a digital library, provides access to works of Art in the digital form that are unknown to many students and also impossible for many of them to enjoy in museums.

On Europeana, we can find countless, extraordinary paintings, showing amazing places from all over Europe, painted by famous artists. This valuable content will undoubtedly enrich lessons of Geography, Art or Computer Science.

The main aim of the lesson

The main goal of the lesson is to introduce students to the powerful source of cultural heritage materials, which is the Europeana Collections. Students will learn who the impressionists were. They will meet the figure of Jean Claude Monet. They will activate their sensitivity to art and the beauty of their home country.

Teaching and learning about Jean Claude Monet

Becoming ‘Monets’

Students, using IT tools, will play the role of impressionists and transform the landscapes of their home countries into impressionist landscapes. LunaPic Editor will help them with this. Then they will share their works in the virtual art gallery – Padlet – “What if I were Monet?”.

The learning scenario is dedicated to IT, Geography or Art lessons in primary education.

Did you like it?

After the lesson, the students agreed that the lesson was interesting, mainly because it was different than usual. They liked the possibility of using new applications. Before they had not had contact with the LunaPic Editor and Padlet.

They were also very positive about the resources of the Europeana Collections. I saw that they also looked at other materials with curiosity.

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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The featured image used to illustrate this article belongs to the public domain and has been found on Europeana Collections.

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