When Pirates Came to Stay! (LS-MT-296)

This learning scenario introduces the students to the concept of journalistic writing. It concentrates mainly on the planning and writing of a news article report with regards to pirates either attacking an island or finding a treasure. A poem about pirates and different Europeana images are used to introduce the students to the theme.

This English writing learning scenario helps students acquire important 21st-century skills as well as different writing skills.

Creativity: During the planning stage the students will use different toys brought from home to create a news video showing what happened during the pirate’s attack.

Collaboration: The students will work together in producing the video and they will help each other during the writing process.

Communication: During each activity, the students will be engaged in discussions about pirates.

Media Literacy: This lesson incorporates the use of online tools such as AnswerGarden and Photostory.

Students were introduced to a Pirate Poem. They used Answer Garden to share their ideas about ‘what constitutes a great news article’.
Students worked together to produce different scenes of the Pirate’s day.
Students took different photos for the different scenes produced and later on used Photostory to create a short video.

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and belongs to the public domain.

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