“Who are you?” – A pen pal from the past (LS-FR-228)

This learning scenario makes use of the Europeana galleries related to children’s portraits on Pinterest. Young students (aged 11) are asked to browse a portrait gallery and choose who would be their pen pal in the past and write (him/her) a short message.

This activity fosters imagination and as pen pals are picked from different era of time and even space, the students will have to work on identifying broad historical contexts and cultural areas, with the help of the teacher.

Beside this activity, children are becoming aware of what makes a portrait attractive to them, explain their choices and they are asked to dig into their sensibility in order to express and formalize what makes them “select” a friend based on just a picture.

Using Europeana’s children portraits and photographs of children galleries on Pinterest, this lesson aims at developing various skills of students:

  • expressing and undertaking their likes and choices,
  • locating in time and space using the information available on Europeana,
  • producing a message (letter or voice).

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

New: this learning scenario is now available in French. Interested? Download it below:

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