Women in Science as Role Models (LS-HR-213)

This learning scenario, created by Mirela Radošević from Croatia, explores women in science and focuses on gaining general knowledge on the subject.

Students first explore women in science in general. Later, they create posters in which they present the life and work of a woman – role model. They present their findings to the rest of the class and discuss their achievements. As a post-activity, they create a school exhibition on the topic, as well as present some general information about Europeana.

Students use their ICT skills and create maps, search for information and organize their work. They are taught to work in groups, which is a great way to foster understanding among the students, cooperation, collaboration and mediation. Students are also encouraged to question stereotypes.

“Women in science are an inspiration, not only for those who work in the science field, but for all those trying to find their path in life”

Aim of the lesson

This learning scenario is designed to motivate students to explore the history of women in science and their influence on technology and science in general. Students also learn to use critical thinking in exploring online information and reinforce their vocabulary in the English language.

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