World Cafe Stories (LS-HR-225)

This is an interdisciplinary learning scenario that connects Art and English in a story that uses the medium of photography as an inspiration.

Dynamics of  the World Cafe

The World Cafe method creates different interpretations with its dynamic modification. The teacher is the moderator who opens the World Cafe and explains the activity. Observing Europeana photos motivates students’  imagination to produce stories inspired by photos. Students develop their communication skills, they move around in a relaxed atmosphere with music and this encourages their motivation.

What does a photo hide / reveal?

In this LS, photography becomes a source for literary creativity and a powerful means of expression that students use to create a story. The story is created by applying the elements of photography, the details hidden on it. It is interesting to see how it changes if viewed carefully from different perspectives. At first, students perceive it as an objective medium, but with deeper observation, it becomes full of subjective elements. Students imagine what a photo could tell.

The pleasure of listening to the story

And finally, the moment comes that everyone is waiting for. Reading the stories. Students enjoy listening to the tense stories inspired by their own imagination. Students compare stories, think critically about them and assess them using a rubric.

Would you like to learn more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

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