Writing Explorers (LS-RO-264)

This Learning Scenario proposes combining functional writing with imaginative/creativity writing. The practice of writing is done in creative contexts. Students will understand the significance and usefulness of writing, as well as the importance of proper written communication. They will practice their interpersonal skills, practical skills and ICT skills.

The history of writing

This lesson aims to develop student’s language and writing skills. It allows students to discover people’s concern about writing since ancient times and to search for / access information about the topic. Students learn about the different types of media materials and practice functional writing.

Functional writing

In second grade, students learn about functional writing. They are curious to find out how and for what purpose people have written since ancient times.

Students will use Europeana resources to discover some of the writing methods used from the earliest times until today. They will use WordArt to collect all new words, and Prezi to collect and present relevant images.

Then, students will work in four teams, as follows:

  • the first team will write a message in clay about the relief shapes in our area/signposts to the monuments and historical buildings in the area;
  • the second team will write eco-friendly messages using feathers and ink;
  • the third team will make a poster using letters cut from old newspapers;
  • the last team will create small storytelling projects in Scratch.

Finally, each team will present their activity products and talk about the work process. In the classroom, an exhibition will be arranged with the products of the activity, as well as with photographs during the work. In the teams formed the students will have different work tasks. This is why it is important for each team to present their activity products and to describe the work process, with the difficulties and opportunities. The fact that students will give and receive feedback contributes to the value of each participant.

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