Zero-waste Fashion Show: All About Hats (EN-CUR-761)

This Learning Scenario has been designed to make students reflect on the changes in the art of making hats, in the popularity and in the importance of hats throughout the last century. The teacher will help the students discover inspiring content in Europeana. The students will also be encouraged to ask their family members and friends for old photos in order to make a presentation about the history of hats. They will learn about the Creative Commons Copyright License Options and the way they can find images in Europeana and in other search engines that they can legally use in their presentations. The students will try to guess how hat fashion will change in the future. They will make their own eco-friendly hats and record the whole process in Flip. In the end the students will organize a zero-waste fashion show: all about hats.

This learning scenario has been developed during the “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage 2023” online course. The course aimed to improve teachers’ understanding of cultural heritage in order to efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices. The courses can be accessed here.

Author: Alenka Taslak

Age of students: 12-14

Subject and topic: English as the Second Language, Visual Arts, History, D&T, ICT, Responsible Citizenship

Would you like to know more about this learning scenario? You can download it below:

CC0 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg.

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