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The Instant Life of Aprons and Pockets (LS-RO-252)

Students of English as a Foreign Language (A2+ level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) learn about aprons and pockets throughout history, and design and produce aprons as professionally essential accessories for a particular occasion.


Coding with Europeana (LS-ES-250)

In this lesson, we invite students to use resources from Europeana Collections to generate an unplugged coding game that therefore will not …

LS-RO-245- Baroque

The Baroque Style (LS-RO-245)

The purpose of this Learning Scenario created by Geanina Turcanu from Romania is to guide students to identify the Baroque style characteristics …


Can I Trust You? (LS-IT-231)

The learning scenario focuses on media literacy and is linked to the transversal discipline “civic education”. At the center there is the …

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