Implementation of ‘Our City on Europeana’ (SoI-PL-236)

Grudziądz on Europeana

It is always interesting to look at old photos of our families, friends, houses or home towns. By implementing the learning scenario “Our City on Europeana” I gave my students a chance not only to become familiar with the new source of knowledge, namely the Europeana portal, but also to search for information and old photos of our city – Grudziądz. This is what my students, class 1 of a technical secondary school, appreciated a lot. The classes were conducted in December, 2020, during the pandemic time, so they were run remotely.

How the classes were conducted

The classes were divided into four main stages. The first stage gave a theoretical introduction to Europeana and presented the necessary materials, brainstormed the lessons and divided the classes into groups. Information about the city on a topic related to the lesson was presented.

In the second stage, the students worked in groups, searching for pictures about the city on the Europeana website and comparing them with those obtained in other places.

The third stage was to search for new information about the city on the Europeana portal. The fourth stage was homework, so that as much of the work as possible was included in the next lesson during individual presentations.

How the students dealt with the implementation

During the classes, students performed the tasks entrusted to them in an extremely accurate manner. Each group of students began searching for information, and then presented their work and put it in free hosting.

Why I recommend conducting classes based on this Learning Scenario:

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand the role of new sources of knowledge. Students will learn the pros and cons of issues that are often talked about in social life. In addition, they will learn how to cooperate, present their work and lead a discussion.

Students will develop the main 21st century skills, such as:

• Critical thinking

• Cooperation,

• Communication.

My feelings as a teacher

Teaching new technologies is most desirable in the modern world. A modern teacher must know new technologies and be fluent in them. The teacher, educator and teacher of vocational subjects should be passionate about their work and constantly improve their professional skills, teach young people to cooperate and think critically, search for information and check it.

Currently, after joining the structures of the European Union, we are becoming a global village day by day, in which one of the most important features is the rapid flow of information, which is why it is so important to search for information and think critically. This is very important in distance learning.

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Our City on Europeana by Marcin Jabłoński

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the KU Leuven.

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