Implementaion of ‘Exploring Species’ Habitats’ (SOI-FI-191)

The learning scenario ‘Exploring Species’ Habitats‘, created by Elena Vladescu, was implemented by a Finnish teacher Karoliina Mutanen with the 4th-grade students, attending Rekolanmäki School in Vantaa, Finland. Subjects that were covered during this implementation are Science, Environmental Studies, English (ESL) and ICT. The implementation took 3 lessons of 45 minutes.

Why this learning scenario?

This learning scenario perfectly fit our habitats and Finnish nature unit for 4th-grade students, when the curriculum requires learning the most common plant and animal species in Finland.

The implementation took place when classes were carried out online, so we mainly used the picture references from the original learning scenario to go through the different habitats in the world. In this way, students refreshed their knowledge as they had already learned about the different places in the world previous year, in the 3rd grade.

A photo of the local forest made by a student

Exploring different habitats through pictures

We started the first lesson by playing a Kahoot game about the different habitats depicted in a photo gallery that was provided in the original LS. After the game, students played puzzle games that were related to the same images.

The next day, we went outside to take photographs of the habitat that students were going to study later this year – the forest. Students were instructed to find out and later explain how the forest feels, smells and sounds like. They created e-books using Book Creator.

Teacher’s remarks

This learning scenario provided an excellent framework and inspiration for the topic. It was easy to adapt it to our specific needs. Students enjoyed the online games and combination of writing, taking pictures and online learning.

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Exploring Species’ Habitats by Elena Vladescu

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and provided by the Museum Stavanger AS.

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