Implementation of ‘Changing role of women in early 20th century’ (SOI-GR-21)

My name is Eirini Kassotaki. I teach Modern Greek Language, literature, but also history in senior high school (Experimental General Lyceum of Heraklion). I chose to teach this learning scenario because I wanted to relate it with the History lesson (Grade C). We have already finished learning about World War I. Furthermore, I related it to the Modern Greek lesson topic “The past, the present and the future” (Grade A). The starting point for the lessons in my two classes was the International Women’s Day (March 8th).

Introduction to the history of women in Greece

In the History class, I did a short introduction about suffragettes. In the Modern Greek class, I explained more extendedly about suffragettes and the historical circumstances in World War I. I photocopied the Europeana images and shared them with the student groups. I also shared with them some web sources about the topic in English and in Greek. In the first and second steps of the activity (“Working with pictures”, “Students create a timeline”), the groups were working in class (one question per each group) and afterwards, they presented their results to the whole class.


The third and fourth steps (‘Students make a map’,’Looking into your own country”) were given to them as homework. because the teaching hour lasts 45’, so we didn’t have plenty of time to work on these activities in class.

Each group worked on a different area of Europe (North, South, East, West) and on one of the questions of step 4. So in the second teaching hour on the next days, the groups presented their results to the whole class, using an online map. We discussed the possible reasons why women had got the right to vote earlier in some countries and later in some others (i.e. Greece). They found and wrote some historical and social reasons for that.

Finally, they related their previous findings with women in the Minister’s position in Greece, and the percentage of women in the Greek Parliament and Government. At the end of the lesson I gave them a self-assessment sheet and they remarked that they liked the topic, the group working and their findings of the changing role of women in Greece through the 20th and 21st century.

students test and feedback about the lesson

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