Implementation of ‘Feel the Moment – touch the 19th Century image and discover’ (SOI-PL-29)

This learning scenario was implemented at the beginning of April 2019 with 16 year- old students and more specifically students from the Erasmus+ team of our school.

Discovering copyrights and Europeana

After a short introduction about the use of the Europeana portal, I emphasized the meaning of copyright and the different licenses available by explaining the meaning of signs under the pictures. I had already copied the Padlet of Task 1 and divided the students into teams as suggested in the scenario. The students chose the paintings they liked the most out of the group each one belonged to and then they started collecting information from the corresponding Europeana source in order to use on the Padlet.

Use of padlet was not hard to manage, because the same students had already used padlet both for Erasmus+ and my own learning scenario. This task was equally easy to perform and manageable in terms of time.

As for Task 2, students used the same details they chose for task 1 in order to complete Thinglink. This activity took a little more time to be done. However, they were already familiar with this tool. It was also used in my own learning scenario and they carried out the task with no problems.

Students’ feedback

At the end of the scenario, the students were asked which parts of the lesson they found more interesting. They were also asked what they would like to be different in the scenario. They all agreed that the lesson was very well structured.  Pupils understood that its main aim was to explain how to use Europeana sources promoting art. It was described as a very good effort for beginners to learn how Europeana portal works. Overall they thought the lesson serves its purpose perfectly.

In the end, my students remarked that this lesson was very good in categorizing information about art using Europeana. However, it lacked interactive activities which, in their opinion, would increase the active participation of students.

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Feel the Moment – touch the 19th-century image and discover – Created by Katarzyna Kwiatek-Grabarska

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