Implementation of “Πες μια ιστορία… Ιχνηλατήσεις και συνομιλίες μέσω φωτογραφιών. Η ανάγνωση του πολιτιστικού αποτυπώματος του παρελθόντος σε διαφορετικές γεωγραφικές περιοχές” (SOI-GR-387)

Author: Marianna Bartzakli, PhD TEACHER/HEADMISTRESS

School/Organization: 12th Primary School of Patras/primary education

“Tell a story scenario” inspired me to see what my students would respond in a similar setting. I chose to use this scenario because we have already worked oral history and statues in Patras and we have made them talk by writing an e book

So this was for me a challenge and a continuation of our previous work.

Photos can talk and can create great stories. So, I chose some photos of the referred scenario and started by asking my students to write in groups a title for each and where they thought it was taken as the initial scenario was asking to do. 

After this activity we compared the titles and the estimations of the students. Subsequently each group of students gave voice to one photo and made a drama scene, that was presented in the whole school.

At the end they had to take themselves a photo  of everyday life in our home town, Patras and write some things about it. 

The students worked in groups, they used web tools and cooperative methods too.

Photos talk : Let us listen!

This online and offline implementation has the following objectives: familiarize the students with the oral description by describing orally photos

2. to advance the critical thinking by comparing different titles of the photos

3. to enhance their acting skills by giving voice to the photos

4. to create an on line book by photos taken by them and a small description, title of each photo.

The participants are all form 6th class of 12th Primary School of Patras and they participated all of them , 14 students. 

The students are familiar with web educational tools and we work a lot in educational platform like, e – me

The combination though of online tools, drama and research ( they took the photos) increased the motivation to learn and participation even more. 

1st activity :Follow up

The beginning of this new scenario was a sequence of a previous work of the students. 

The beginning question of this project was “Do the photos talk?” 

And a discussion and brainstorming took place, where the students noted that we do not see the same thing in a photo.

Duration 45 minutes

2nd activity : Photos from the scenario Tell a story- investigation 

Photos of the scenario were given and we asked the students to work in groups and to put a title on and describe where it is taken. 

Each group wrote town its ideas and when finished one member of each group presented the work if each team

Ps the students with learning difficulties were a part of a group of students that have advanced skills of communication and cooperation. So they could participate too. They had more time and they were helped with more questions and concrete directions of what they had to do. 

Students had to write a title for each photo and where did they thought it was taken. When they completed the activity, they discussed in whole class what each group wrote. Commonalities and differences were highlighted. 

Then a discussion of critical thinking took place of what are the elements that led us to decide the title and the place. Students highlighted their previous knowledge, their travels among others.  

The photos which were used of the given scenario were only from  Greece 

Blog-Herbert List in Greece,

Students’ comments on the link

Duration 45 minutes

3rd activity: giving voice to photos

Each group chose one photo and had to give voice by acting to that photo. 

They were free to use clothes , music, their words

They had one week to get prepared and to ask from the teacher help.

Duration 45 minutes

4th activity: Photos talk! Let us listen to them

The whole class created a storyjumper e book with photos which were taken with their  mobile phones in Patras. They had to upload a photo and write a title and one sentence of the his/her feeling watching the photo.



Duration 45 minutes.

adaptations to the resource

the resource was a starting point most of the activities are NOT the same. There was given more attention to critical knowledge, to drama and to critical thinking.

So… what? 

E-book created by photos who talk by the students

Drama inspired by the photos 

Oral speech and scenarios

Follow up of the whole implementation

Outcomes will be presented in school’s website and at the school community

Self feedback. 

Europeana inspired me to try new things and delve into other topics. Its resources are unique. Try it!

Cooperative learning

Experiential learning

Project method

Did you find this story of implementation interesting? Why don’t you read about the related learning scenario? Πες μια ιστορία… Ιχνηλατήσεις και συνομιλίες μέσω φωτογραφιών. Η ανάγνωση του πολιτιστικού αποτυπώματος του παρελθόντος σε διαφορετικές γεωγραφικές περιοχές (EL-CUR-681) created by Aikaterini Goltsiou

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CC BY-SA 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Fortepan.

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