Implementation of ‘3D Printing-Modern Available Technology of The Future’ (SOI-PL-116)

Our battle against COVID-19

In February when we met face-to-face as part of our robotic club, working on one of our projects, nobody thought that in a few days we would stay at home and meet only online. We – a group of my students attending Complex of Technical Schools in Grudziadz and me – their vocational teacher.


The classes were conducted on 1st April 2020 during online lessons using LiveWebinar.

The participating students are interested in an innovative approach to education, eager to collaborate in projects. They are full of commitment and passion as well as wanting to help in the fight against COVID-19. They can do it since they have 3D printers at home.

3D printer – Prusa i3 ready to work; photo by Marcin Jablonski, CC-BY-SA

Two stages

The classes were divided into two main stages. In the first part, the theoretical introduction to Europeana and presentation of the necessary materials were made, some brainstorming was conducted and the students were divided into groups. A video and presentation on the topic related to the lesson were shown. Moreover, to inspire the students, models of different things, masks and helmets for medical staff were presented. In the second part, the students worked in groups, refining the existing projects to protect against COVID-19. Each group of students wrote about it and then presented their opinions on the amendments.

The corrected files can be found on my website, items 18, 19, 20.

Please note that for some of the files, one needs some special software that goes with 3D printers.

Sceenshot of RepetierHost; the first parts in RepetierHost before printing; photo by Marcin Jablonski, CC-BY-SA

Join us!

We must protect our medical personnel because they are on the front line, fighting for us.

Materials – PLA filament rolls; photo by Marcin Jablonski, CC-BY-SA

My reflections

The distributed production which is 3D printing is just showing its strength. Something that was treated as “fun for big boys” becomes an instrument in a very important fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the work and commitment of young people with passion, we can slightly help in the bigger case of the fight against COVID-19. In our region, it is very important because in Grudziadz (my hometown), the existing hospital has been transformed into a multi-specialist center for patients suffering from COVID-19, and it requires assistance in other areas of health. I would like to mention that this is one of 19 hospitals of this rank in Poland.

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3D printing-modern available technology of the future created by Marcin Jablonski

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CC BY-SA 2.5 SE: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by Kulturarv Västernorrland.

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