Implementation of “A Sky Full Of Stars” (SOI-TR-296)

Author: Ebru Efe Özçam/Teacher/Music&IT

School/Organization: Köyceğiz Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

For the activity I will do with my students, I wanted to find a lesson scenario with information about the solar system, space and our planet. This lesson scenario should be able to interest them and include STEAM and digital cultural heritage. That’s why I decided to use the Europeana platform. The lesson scenario should also include science, technology and art disciplines as required by the vision of our institution. When I examined the LS that appeared when I typed the keywords, I decided that I could use it for my activity.

The implementation context

Looking At Our Solar System From Space
I used topics related to Astronomy, Technology and Design within my chosen LS. The age range of the students I applied the activity to is 9-11. Students have not done an activity related to digital cultural heritage before.While doing this activity, we used smart boards with internet connection and VR glasses, waste cardboard, scissors, glue, tape, rope, paint, paper.

The narrative

Astronomy and Digital Cultural Heritage

I used the links in LS for croker, sphere and celestial, which are tools used in the past in astronomy studies. In addition, different from the scenario we used, we searched Europeana to get to know the scientists working on Astronomy. This activity requires a total of 2 hours.

Astronomy and Technology

We used VR glasses to understand the 3D view of the Solar System from space. With the video we watched with VR glasses, we learned both the positions of the planets and general information about the planets. This event lasted 1 hour.

Astronomy and Art
In this episode of LS, we learned the songs “The Planet Song” and “The Solar System Song” in the video in the script. We also learned the songs “Planets Song” and the Turkish song “Blue Planet” (Mavi Gezegen). While the students were singing the Blue Planet (Mavi Gezegen) song, they drew the world as they perceived it on the paper on which the lyrics of the song were written.The event lasted 2 hours.

Astronomy and Creativity

As in LS, the students made a 3D model of the solar system. Unlike LS, waste materials were used in model making. They completed the model in 3 hours by distributing the tasks among them.

Learning outcomes

We got to know our Solar System
At the end of the course, students learned about digital cultural heritage and learned to use Europeana. They had 3D experience with the Solar System and learned songs about the planets. They made a model by transforming the waste with all the information they learned. Students of different ages can learn a lot of information at the same time by integrating this LS into their curriculum and learn while having fun thanks to different disciplines.Thanks to Europeana, which you can benefit from in all your activities, you can easily integrate the Cultural Heritage into your learning environment.

Outcomes for the educator

Being able to use Europeana
With this activity, students learned how to find research on digital cultural heritage in Europeana. During the event, they discovered ancient materials used in astronomy research. With Europeana, they also found scientists working on astronomy. Educators who will use these resources can benefit from LS and other digital cultural heritage resources and integrate them into their lessons. When they search with keywords related to the resources they will use on the Europeana homepage, they will be able to reach a lot of reliable information.

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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