Implementation of ‘Adventurous Journey Through Europe and Culture’ (SOI-PL-98)

Enjoyable and Practical Way to Revise!

Is it possible to revise English vocabulary in an enjoyable way for students? How to prepare a lesson after which students will be convinced that they did something they could use in the future? Yes! You can do it as a teacher and your students will really enjoy the lesson! Use the learning scenario prepared by Andrea Nagy.

How to do that?

I implemented Andrea’s scenario with students of the last class of our high school (18 – 19 years old). The group consists of 14 students. They are working hard to prepare for their final exam in English. They have already had some knowledge of digital cultural heritage as they sometimes use, in different subjects, some online resources. However, they had not used the Europeana portal before. I chose the part from their coursebooks (English Language Compendium) connected with travelling as a basis for the lesson. The learning scenario is intended for three or four lessons but it is possible to use it during only two lessons as I did.

A good way to revise and to check

Definitely when using this scenario students need a good knowledge of vocabulary. The ideas of using Padlet and Kahoot were very motivating for the students. There were enthusiastic at the idea to work in groups and to have the possibility of sharing their knowledge and also comparing it with the words in their coursebook so that they could be sure they were preparing for their final exam. I needed to shorten the introduction to the Europeana Collections, as I only had two lessons. So we moved to visit European cities. What I could notice and what, in my opinion, is a big advantage of this scenario, is the fact that it can be used with different cities. The teacher has just to find, on the Europeana Portal, some more resources connected with cities he or she would like to talk about.

Planning your holiday

As I only had two lessons, I used Padlet again to create posters with the students’ plans for holidays. When the students were presenting their works, I could notice that they really had a lot of fun and it boosted their imagination and made them very relaxed during the lesson. In the end, they worked with the Wordwall quiz and that was also intriguing for them. I used this webpage for the first time and found it very rich in different kinds of ways.

For me, this scenario is motivational, joyful and educational. It gives students a lot of speaking practice, a wide range of useful skills and shows them a great deal of online tools they can use when learning. As for teachers, they do not need to be afraid of spending long hours preparing for such a lesson.

Motivational, Joyful and Extremely Educational! – Just Implement It!   

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Adventurous Journey through Europe and Culture by Andrea Nagy

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