Implementation of ‘Around the Portrait in Preschool Class’ (SOI-MT-169)


My students are aged between 5-6 years and with the implementation of Around the portrait in preschool class LS by Vanessa Dubois, the aim was to raise awareness about creative artworks that could be done to represent the human portrait. The activity was designed so that students would appreciate the artworks of Giuseppe Archimboldo and try to imitate him.

The students were introduced to portraits executed by this imaginative artist and make them familiar with some of his funny, but surely very impressive artworks.

Creating a fruity face

The students traced about a provided portrait stencil, then they had to be inspired by the works of Giuseppe Archimboldo.

Work Development

I invited the students to create a face made up of fruits, vegetables and flowers. I tried to invite the students to think about different ways how they do so. Until the end of the lesson, the students managed to create interesting fruity portraits with the facial features made up of fruits, vegetables and some flowers.

Work in Progress

Work in progress …
Fruity portraits!
Work in progress …
Finalised work

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Swedish Open Cultural Heritage.

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