Implementation of ‘Around the World with Finnish Artists’ (SOI-TR-112)

I like many artists but had no idea about Finnish artists until my students performed this learning scenario. It was amazingly surprising for us to learn how far the Finnish Artists travelled around the world and captured authentic parts of people’s lives. I and my students know from one of Sweden’s most popular 19th-century artists, Amalia Euphrosyne Lindegren, that she portraited one of the Ottoman men with his special dress. So, we were curious about the artists. I have modified some of the details of Karoliina’s learning scenario.

finnish artists
Students working on different activities organised for this learning scenario


The students were given a brief of the activity and shared the assessment criteria. The students formed teams and their roles were assigned (QR Code hunter, mapper, drawer, writer and readers/searchers). Each team had a mobile device with an internet connection. So, this was added to the scenario. Next, I presented the Golden Age of Finnish Art to the students.


First, the students performed a vocabulary activity. They performed a matching activity after they had found the meanings, and created the flashcards. This activity was added to the scenario.

Next, the students searched for hidden QR codes in the school corridors with their mobile phones/tablets. QR-codes were linked to the four Europeana pages they should study. They were excited to find the codes and started to perform the given tasks collaboratively. Some of them wrote, drew and coloured the map.

The difference from the original scenario was all of the team members shared pages to explore/read them and shared activities. It would be better if the teams presented their products and shared them with outside audiences.

Teacher’s role

I observed my students’ teams and gave them feedback. I used assessment rubric to evaluate them. It would be better if there was an assessment tool in the original LS, so I created it.

I would like to suggest here that the teacher might observe students’ transversal skills like collaboration, communication, decision making and reward them. Classdojo or any other checklist can be used for it.

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Around the World with Finnish Artist by Karoliina Mutanen

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and belongs to the public domain.

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