Implementation of ‘Art Mash Up – 3Rs (Remix, Reuse, Recombine)’ (SOI-RO-138)

I implemented this learning scenario with 22 students, aged 10 and 11, in a class of 4th graders. The activity lasted 45 minutes. I chose this interdisciplinary scenario taking into consideration the fact that my students are art students and the combination of art and STEM disciplines gave them the possibility to experiment with the art and scientific assistance that they need in order to adapt to the modern society. In my opinion, this approach shows perfectly how art being combined with technology can be useful and fun at the same time, taking into account the students’ age.

How was the learning scenario implemented?

I started with a short presentation of the Europeana portal and I showed the students how to search for information and how they can use the Creative Commons licences. I stimulated their creativity by using a large variety of processes and thinking skills during the entire hour of study.

In the art class, I asked the students to browse the Europeana Collections, to identify and choose paintings, photos, music/copyright to remix and remake (choosing 3 possibilities to think about).

In collaboration with the computer science teacher, I made a new piece of art in the laboratory and we voted on Mentimeter for the most successful work. The activity was well appreciated by my class and we agreed to continue during the next lesson with creating a musical piece. Of course, I did not forget to reward the kids’ effort and creativity with a sweet surprise.

Conclusion and reflection

This is a great learning scenario for primary school classes which encouraged my students to explore modern art from the 20th century while having browsed through the Europeana Collections. Students discovered how digital technology changes our thinking and they had to combine different types of art, with their own creativity and initiative spirit to produce a new and original piece of art.

This didactic scenario was also useful to me because I discovered new online tools that I can use in my future activity with students in the classroom.

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Art Mash Up – 3Rs (Remix, Reuse, Recombine) by Katalin Lorincz

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana collections and provided by the Tekniska museet.

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