Implementation of ‘Birds are singing’’ (SOI-HR-06)

Learning scenario – Implementation of the ‘Birds are singing’

My name is Dilajla Pavletić and I am involved in the Croatian User Group of Europeana DSI-4. I chose to implement ‘’Birds are singing‘’ not only because I find augmented reality (AR) and 3D technologies very interesting but also in the light of the current process of educational reform and curriculum modification in my country. One of the problems we are encountering is the refusal of implementing digital media tools and stigma, on the part of teachers, as well as parents. Implementing this scenario is a step further due to the change of the teaching paradigm and stimulating positive attitudes towards learning. Furthermore, according to Croatian National curriculum for Primary school (4th grade), it is manageable to fit it into Form teacher class (age of pupils 11-12), ICT class and Science class (Environment).

Getting ready

By the time the lesson started, the pupils had had Quiver installed on their tablets. Also, an internet connection is necessary for the lesson. The original scenario did not need an adaption.

Introduction of the topic

Announcing the activity made the class engaged right away. The methodology used was project-based- learning (PBL) and collaborative learning.

3D effect of a drawing of a bird using Quiver vision


The pupils painted printed pages of birds from Quiver vision, expressing themselves in a creative way, for the purpose of producing a digital resource. The guidance was not needed, in other words, the pupils understand ICT usage. As the Europeana platform had already been introduced to the class, they were divided into two teams, decided by themselves and instructed to search for bird sounds and pictures of different types of birds. The class printed the photos together, watched the augmented reality and after all they voted and commented on works, using constructive criticism.

Coloring of a bird from a pupil

Final thoughts

For this scenario I had planned 2×45’ and that was sufficient time for implementing it.  As it has been said, the aim of this learning scenario was effective usage of augmented reality technology. Another key point is that creating their own augmented reality materials increases pupils’ innovation skills.

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