Implementation of “Break and Keep Silence” (SOI-LV-273)

Author: Aiga Cernauska, teacher (English as a second language)

School/Organization: Bauska City Elementary School

The scenario “Break and Keep Silence” (LS – HU – 257), created by Judit Benedek, offers students the opportunity to learn about the Silent films and to take matters in their own hands by creating a scenario and dubbing a short part of their chosen Silent film.

The implementation context


The learning scenario “Break and Keep Silence” was used during the English lessons in 6th grade, with sixteen 12 to 13 year olds, in Bauska City Elementary School. As an English teacher, I want to encourage my students to speak English more during the lessons, to actively collaborate and to use our time togather productively.

The narrative

Learning process

I started the Implementation of the learning scenario by introducing the students to the Europeana website. I demonstrated on the Smart board how to access Europeana materials, how to look for and how to use the material they have found. This is when I showed students the learning scenarios and told them, that we will try out one as well.

This was the first time for the students to learn about Europeana and it took us about 15 minutes of the first lesson.

Then I named 4 group leaders, who had to choose their group members. When naming their group leaders, I paid attention to the student`s English knowledge and their friendliness, as from previous experience of “group work” in this classroom I have noticed that there are quite a few introverts, who need a friendly face to be more productive.

It took us about 3 minutes, to form groups, and we were ready to start the Implementation of “Break and Keep Silence”.

Forming the sentences, Aiga Cernauska, Attribution CC BY.

When the students finished with forming of the sentences about the Silent films, they guessed, what the lesson “Break and Keep Silence” is about. Students loved the idea of dubbing the Silent films!

Starting to work on the script, Aiga Cernauska, Attribution CC BY.

I showed short fragments of the films on the Smart board and the groups chose the one they would write script for, and continued (by looking for the film in Europeana website) by watching it on their smartphones.

At the end of the first lesson, we spent around 5 minutes talking about their film choice and ideas for the script.

Writing down ideas while watching the silent film, Aiga Cernauska, Attribution CC BY.

The next day (lesson), students continued working on their scripts.

At the end of the lesson, we spent about 5 – 7 minutes talking about the presentation of their work and evaluation process. The students were happy with their scripts and ready to start the dubbing process. To make it easier for them (and make sure, the students will do more oral work), I downloaded the films and showed a few free applications, where students can try dubbing these films.

At the end of the second lesson, we decided, that students would continue working on their scripts after school, as it would be very loud and chaotic, if all the groups would start dubbing their film fragments at the same time. 

I didn`t make much alterations to the lesson plan, as there was no need for that (I changed the group forming process; I downloaded the films and showed my students dubbing applications, they can use on their smartphones; for the feedback form the students, instead of Mentimeter I used Answergarden).

Learning outcomes


After a week, during which students had been working on their scripts and the dubbing process, we spent one lesson for the presentation and evaluation of their work. I was very pleased with the end result of the Implementation of the “Break and Keep Silence” lesson plan.

Outcomes for the educator

Europeana resourses 

Looking through Teaching with Europeana resources, I found several fresh ideas for my lessons, many extra materials to make my lessons more engaging. The Implementation process went well and I would definately encaurage other teachers to try out the lesson plans Teaching with Europeana offers. While implementing this particular lesson plan, I didn`t look for any additional Europeana resources, as the plan was very well written, structured and there was no extra time for additional activities.

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CC0 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Technoseum.

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