Implementation of “Connecting with the environment using our senses” (SoI-HR-497)

The teacher introduced Europeana to the students and the benefits it offers to users.

Figure 1. Working with Europeana resources

As a teacher, I introduced the concept of forest bathing to the students and highlighted its benefits for overall well-being. We discussed the importance of sensory perception in experiencing nature and how forest bathing can foster a deeper connection with the environment. Students were briefed on the necessity of focusing their thoughts on the present moment, fostering mindfulness and embracing the “here and now”.

Topic: Forest bathing. Age Group: 10th Grade (economists). The students were divided into small groups and given specific tasks to complete during the forest bathing session. The forest bathing took place in the serene landscapes of Bilogora offering a tranquil setting convenient to introspection and relaxation.

Figure 2. The students who participated in forest bathing

Upon arrival at the forest bathing site, students were greeted by the sounds of nature. A subject teacher explained the principles of forest bathing and instructed students to engage in mindful walking, deep breathing and sensory exploration.

Task 1: Mindful Walking – students were guided through a series of mindful walking exercises, focusing on each step and observing their surroundings with curiosity. They were encouraged to notice the colors, textures and sounds of the forest environment.

Task 2: Sensory Exploration – each group was given a set of sensory materials to explore, including aromatic herbs, smooth stones and tree bark. Students used their sense of touch, smell and sight to connect with the natural elements around them.

Task 3: Insight sharing – after completing the sensory activities, students gathered in a circle to share their experiences and insights. They were asked to reflect on how forest bathing made them feel and to consider the importance of preserving natural habitats for future generations.

The forest bathing concluded with a tea ceremony symbolizing the culmination of the immersive experience.


The forest bathing session provided students with a unique opportunity to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and reconnect with nature. By engaging their senses and immersing themselves in the tranquil beauty of the forest, students gained a deeper appreciation for the environment and the role it plays in promoting health and well-being.

Outcomes for students included:

 – increased awareness of the benefits of nature immersion for mental and physical health,

– improved ability to engage in mindful practices and sensory exploration,

– enhanced understanding of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability,

 – the activity gave students a reason to think critically, ask question, observe and share information with each other.

For me as a teacher, the experience of forest bathing was special. Observing students engage in the process of self-discovery and inner healing filled me with a sense of satisfaction. I was privileged to witness their personal growth. The opportunity to witness their journey toward inner peace and tranquility was a unique experience that strengthened my passion for teaching. The experience of forest bathing served as a source of inspiration for me. I was motivated to raise awareness about forest bathing and its benefits. It was an honor for me to play a role in the well-being of the students and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

Link to the learning scenario implemented: Connecting with the Environment using our Senses (LS-MT-307) – Teaching With Europeana (

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