Implementation of ‘Discover! Uncover! Share!’ (SOI-HR-37)

The learning scenario, written by Agnieszka Pielorz, was implemented by Mirela Radošević from Croatia, an English and ICT teacher. It is intended for students who have no previous knowledge of Europeana. It is versatile and can be used during various subjects, including Civics, Arts, English and ICT. The aim of the learning scenario is to introduce students to Europeana, enable and motivate them to use it for learning. Students are also taught to understand and use licenses properly.


Following the learning scenario outline, the students were presented with a blank worksheet. Using the created game Hangman, they revealed the main topic of the lesson – Cultural Heritage. Then, they discussed and tried to define the term “culture“. Pupils also watched the recommended movie on youtube and observed the examples of cultural heritage. Later, they discussed the importance of culture and cultural heritage.

The students were introduced to the Europeana portal, where they browsed through various resources.

“Introducing students to Europeana is very important before using it in the classroom. This learning scenario is a great way to start using the portal, and is definitely a great resource for beginners”


The students discussed the values of Europeana and the ways it could be implemented in various subjects. They also discussed the concept of licenses and found resources which could be re-used. Each student decided on a resource they would like to share with their friends, with a personalized note.


Then, students exchanged their work with peers. They discussed their motivation for choosing a particular resource and talked about the value of arts.


The results were great. in fact, the students were really engaged in all the activities and felt more confident after the lessons to use Europeana in the future. The learning scenario is appropriate for all age levels, with minor modifications. I plan to use it with all students in the future as an introductory lesson to Europeana.

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Discover! Uncover! Share! created by Agnieszka Pielorz

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