Implementation of ‘Discover!Uncover!Share!’ (SOI-PL-81)

The implementation was addressed to people (students) who had not used the Europeana Portal before.

Computer Science and Society

It was presented to teachers of IT, mathematics, science and humanities subjects in June 2019, during the “Computer Science and Society” conference organized by the Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre in Warsaw. The teachers took part in workshops, which lasted one hour. They got to know a part of the proposed scenario. They experienced different types of resources which are available on the portal. The teachers were practising how to search using different criteria such as the license type, colour schemes or the institutions from which the collections come.

The teachers were also introduced to lesson plans that use Europeana resources and can be used to work with students. The most interesting scenarios were placed on an interactive whiteboard and made available to other workshop participants.

Participating teachers learning about the Europeana portal

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Discover! Uncover! Share! created by Agnieszka Pielorz

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The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and belongs to the public domain.

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