Implementation of ‘Do you Like Fruit and Vegetables?’ (SOI-HR-124)

The reason this learning scenario was chosen for implementation is that it is simple to use with younger students. The topic of the learning scenario is relevant in teaching foreign languages since it addresses one of the first things students learn – food vocabulary.

Introducing the topic

First of all, the students were introduced to Europeana and were given the time to explore on their own. After they’ve finished, the topic of fruits and vegetables was introduced. Following the scenario, the students played the online puzzle to reveal the painting by Giuseppe Arcimboldi.
Then, the students had to list all the fruits visible on the painting into their notebooks. We added an additional task – students were divided into groups and played a running quiz – the teacher describes a fruit, and the group representative has to run to the board and write down the name of the fruit.

 I like / I don’t like

Students were asked to write 5 sentences explaining what fruits or vegetables they like or dislike. After that, to practice the sentence formation, students were asked to write down one sentence on a piece of paper and put it into a basket. Then, the teacher read one note at a time, and students clapped their hands if they agree, or remained still if they don’t.  After that, they walked around the classroom and tried to find at least two students who like the same fruit or vegetable as they do.

Kahoot and homework

Students played the Kahoot quiz to reinforce the vocabulary. They enjoy online quizzes and were happy to take part. After the quiz, their task was to find the starting image – that of Giuseppe Arcimboldi on the Europeana portal.

A student discovering a painting of Giuseppe Arcimboldi
A student discovering a painting of Giuseppe Arcimboldi

For homework, students were asked to explore Europeana and find three interesting resources. This gave them the opportunity to practice their speaking skills while describing the images during the next lesson.

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CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Real Jardín Botánico Madrid RJB-CSIC.

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