Implementation of “Easter is here! Let’s decorate some eggs” (SOI-GR-267)

Author: Eleni Katsiavou, Preschool Educator

School/Organization: 9th Kindergarten of Tripoli, Greece

  This is the implementation of the learning scenario “Easter is here! Let’s decorate some eggs” (EN-CUR-649). I picked the certain scenario because it is suitable for my students (ages 4-6). Decorating eggs at Easter is a traditional custom in my country, so I thought it would be interesting for my students to get acquainted with this custom in an experiential way and realize that it is something we have in common with other countries and traditions. My students will have the chance through the material from Europeana to get to know and experience different ways of decorating eggs and pick the one they would like to use for their Ester eggs.

The implementation

Let’s decorate our Easter eggs
The learning scenario was implemented at the 9th Kindergarten of Tripoli, Greece in April 2023. 18 preschoolers aged 4-6 with no former experience in Europeana material, took part in it. They worked in groups of 4-5 students under the supervision and encouragement of their teacher, Eleni Katsiavou. It was implemented on the occasion of our engagement with the customs and traditions of Easter.

The narrative

The narrative

1st Activity (20’ )

The students watch the videos referred to the learning scenario. We talk about the custom of decorating Easter eggs in our country and our former experience about that. 

2nd Activity (30’ )

The students watch the different pictures of decorated eggs from Europeana referred to the scenario. We compare them with the ways people dye eggs in Greece. They also watch videos with different ways of dying  eggs and decide which way they want to dye their eggs.

3rd Activity (45’ )

The students in groups decorate their Easter eggs. The first group uses oil pastel to draw pictures and then dive them into special red dye for eggs. The second group decorates them with silver marker after having them dyed red.The third group dyes them into red paper for craft and the forth group uses a technique with leaves. 

4th Activity(30’ )

Presentation of their creations.

4th Activity (15’ )


Material from Implementation

Wantching of Europeana material, Eleni Katsiavou

Easter eggs dyed red and decorated with leaves, Eleni Katsiavou

Learning outcomes

During the implementation, the students got acquainted with the custom of dying Easter eggs and its symbolism. They had the chance to get to know the wonderful material of Europeana, which inspired them make their own creations. Moreover, they had the chance to work in groups, to communicate and  collaborate in a creative way and feel the joy of their creations. I would recommend it to other teachers. The students really enjoyed it

Outcomes for the educator

The implementation of this learning scenario was a really interesting experience that gave me the chance to get to know the possibilities of Europeana. My students got motivated to express themselves and create their own unique creations.

It was the first time I used material from Europeana in my lesson. While looking for it, I came up to interesting material that I will definitely use in the future. There are interesting learning scenarios for all ages and all subjects. They not only give teachers nice ideas and ways to implement them but also enrich their teaching techniques. The use of Art in class was really interesting and challenging.

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CC BY-NC-ND 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Balatoni Múzeum – Keszthely.

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