Implementation of ‘Emotional Intelligence and Teenagers’ (SOI-PL-194)

Relationships in the time of Covid-19

What can we do as teachers to maintain good relationships with students? How to talk with them about emotions that may appear in their hearts and minds? Is it really worth spending some time during our lessons to talk about that?

Yes! Definitely! I chose this scenario for implementation because I think both students and teachers face difficulties. In most cases, we can meet only online. As teachers, we are pushed to go on with the curriculum. At the same time, we also detect the fall of motivation in our students as the situation continues. I consider this learning scenario very useful for English classes or some lessons with class tutors, in fact, both for students who are teenagers and for almost adult students. Personally, I used it with students who are at least 19 – in two groups: pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate ones. In both groups, it worked really well.

Good variety of exercises

This scenario includes a lot of different kinds of exercises. For teachers, the good point is that it does not need a lot of time and effort to prepare and it has a well-balanced usage of online tools. For students, it is really enjoyable. My pre-intermediate students were really enthusiastic about the wide range of vocabulary they got to know. I was not able to finish the whole learning scenario but it gave them ‘a kick’ to think about their emotions so we can start our next lesson with that. The upper-intermediate group was very quick so they got the chance not only to share their pieces of advice but also to comment on them and rate them on Padlet.

But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.

Anne Frank
Preparations and results

Class support

In my opinion, this learning scenario is mandatory when we really want to assure our students that we discern their difficult situation. The Europeana resources are here of high importance because students can easily empathise with people in the photos or pictures and find there their own divergent emotions. Additionally, students can find a lot of support in the class from their teacher and peers!

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Emotional Intelligence and Teenagers (LS-BG-506) created by Denislava Boycheva

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