Implementation of ‘Enjoying the Moment Through Our Five Senses’ (SOI-ES-120)

A gardener smelling a flower

The 5 senses

In this implementation of the Learning Scenario “Enjoying the Moment Through our Senses” by Christabelle Scerri I have adapted the activity focusing it in response to the challenge that I posed to my students where I wanted them to learn about water, responsible consumption importance in the world.

We have relied on the Europeana resource chromolitograph of the five senses represented by 5 children  to go over the 5 senses and motivate our students to perform the activity.

Students doing the activity. CC-BY-SA Fran Orosia

We have developed this project with the students of the 2nd Infant class (4 years old, pre-primary) at the Divino Maestro school, in Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia. Students must experience and tell their classmates the characteristics of water through different senses. We divided the class into 4 cooperative teams. We assigned a sense to each team but one sense is not assigned because we want the students to discover which one in the exhibition phase. This project activity is carried out in 4 sessions, in the first two they experiment with the senses the characteristics of water using the comparison with other objects to discover their qualities. In the third, each team presents its conclusions and listens to the other teams. After the exhibition we review the senses and discover that one is missing and then they start experimenting to draw their own conclusions.

Picture of the activity. CC-BY-SA Fran Orosia

At the end of the activity, students complete the last session evaluating the activity, evaluating their work, their involvement in the task, teamwork and the degree of satisfaction through an evaluation target.

Working with the senses. CC-BY-SA Fran orosia

In conclusion

I can highlight the positive factor of empirical research and experimentation that has been carried out in this activity. The learning that can be done through direct action, through one’s own experience is the one that lasts the most as the pleasure of the discovery by oneself is the strongest learning.

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0): the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by Wellcome Collection.

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