Implementation of ‘Europe and me’ (SOI-ES-53)

This learning scenario has been implemented with students from 20 to 50 years old. As an introduction to the topic, they studied our EU citizenship rights before attending the lesson. After, students and teachers talked about the labour policies: European employment strategy, working conditions, rights and obligations for employees of the European Union.

Implementing the Learning Scenario

In the case of older students, the stories (“compose an essay/story with the help of their parents/relatives”) can be created without the direct collaboration of their families. They prefer to do this task on their own rather than ask their parents.

The activity which consisted of sharing student’s family stories and images was the best activity of the Learning Scenario. They were happy to talk about and/or discover the roots of their own identity. At the end of the activity they reached the conclusion that their origins are important for each one and for their classmates.

The overall activity was fine and students were motivated to prepare their own stories and shared them with their classmates.


I think that if this Learning Scenario is implemented with adults, the preparation time and the practice of the activity could be reduced. In my opinion, four hours of preparation and two of practice are enough at this group-age.

The concept of identity is very important to reaffirm our European identity. We should remember that all of us are Europe and our self-concept is formed by our family heritage and what we are. Europe is what defines us, something alive, that is regenerating with the sum of all. Social-labour insertion and resources connected to this subject have a direct relation to this framework of coexistence.

On Europeana Resources

The Europeana resources are very suitable with activities related to European identity. Speaking about aspects to be considered to improve the effectiveness of Europeana resources, what I would recommend is to guide students to specific collections that are useful in this Learning Scenario. Maybe, teachers and students can have a look at the Europeana collections:

Pictures of implementation

Figure 1 – Students during implementation. CC-BY-SA Maria Isabel Vila

Figure 2 – Students during Implementation. CC-BY-SA Maria Isabel Vila

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Europe and me created by Jean-Christophe Jost

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