Implementation of ‘Europe and me’ (SOI-RO-42)

The context for the implementation

I have chosen to implement the “Europe and me” learning scenario in a target group, selected for the Other Week. This project week involves students discussing different cultures and the possible hardships of fitting in.

Implementing the Learning Scenario

The activity lasted for two hours. In order to better understand the activity, we have defined together the notion of cultural dimension. Students have found many exciting explanations. We discussed how European culture influences the identity of an individual.

I opened the Europeana platform, explained how we can use Europeana resources and how much an image can help us understand some contexts. Then we discussed which images we will use during the activity.

During the Easter holidays, the students had the task of writing an essay, together with the family, on the subject: What would you like to understand better regarding this family history?

We used the computer room, where the students had access to the Europeana platform, and they searched for an image that fits their story. They were asked to answer the question: How can this image help to understand my story?

Following the presentation of essays in front of the class, the students received questions. Once everybody had their turn, the essays were stuck to a map. They have concluded that they are proud of their ancestors, their families and their identity.


As a teacher, the activity gave me the opportunity to do a needs analysis, and following this activity, I realized that my students would require many activities of this kind so that they learn to be proud of and understand their
personal identity. An individual’s identity is closely related to the cultural dimension and that together, we can change something, so everybody can fit in.

This was definitely a learning experience that can adapt to age peculiarities, because when I first saw the platform, I thought it was more suited for high schools students, but it turned out to suit my younger students as well.

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Europe and me, created by Jean-Christophe Jost

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