Implementation of “Europe and Me”(SOI-PT-83)

My students are about eighteen years old and with the implementation of The Europe and Me adapted LS from Jean Cristophe, the aim was to familiarize them with family or personal memories of people, facts, objects or places in our country and elsewhere in Europe that they consider as being “part of their identity”.

As trends we could find the Outdoor Education, because students learned outside of the school, building knowledge in a “real” environment. Inquiring in the family was an important aspect of the LS implementation.

We can also find Cloud-Based Learning, because, data, tools, software are online, and can be reached, and modified, from different devices. The activity used Europeana Collections.

Finally, Informal Learning as learning happens in communities and Personal Learning Networks, It was not the teacher, but the family and relatives who assisted the students to build the “documents”.

Work explanation

I explained the project to students, with particular emphasis on how European culture affects an individual’s identity. I aimed to make students feel at ease regarding that their family histories and personal identity is fluid and can always change. We choose a number of questions and students explored them with the family during the Easters holidays.

Work development

Students composed an essay/story about their personal identity. On a “class-map” of the class they placed the family histories.

Searching into Europeana, they choose an image, and they explained how the image could help to understand their story.

The personal dimension “I” or “what I am” was essential in this project and we are building a digital book with all the essays and Europeana images.

Students working on the LS

Students working on the map of Europe
Students presenting their work

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