Implementation of Europeana living museum (SOI-ES-43)

Context for the implementation

Before the implementation of this learning scenario, we worked in Why don’t we create a museum? (LS-ES-28), so this learning scenario came as a very good follow-up.

Implementing the Learning Scenario

We adapted the Living Museum Scenario. The language of the class was Spanish, and we didn’t create a Canva, we created a Thinglink instead. The students designed an online room (the museum) in which they positioned the works of art, so that when the mouse hovers over them, the information and a picture appears on the screen.

Students organized themselves in groups of four, then they searched for examples of works of art they wanted to include in their museum. Additionally, they had to design the layout of the room (doors, windows, security measurements, etc.). Finally they integrated everything in one multimedia archive (the thinglink). Here you can have an example of one of the groups works.


Initially, we had some problems with the implementation as we had a lot of activities in the school and also school holidays so we ended up needing more sessions than I previously had expected.

The children were motivated, because the activity was fun for them. They worked a lot and they liked using virtual reality (VR) as it was their first time designing a museum and selecting what they wanted to show in it. We also needed more sessions than originally planned. I had planned for 6, but with all the interruptions we finally needed 12 to finish the project.

This scenario helped the children in enhancing their knowledge of art and developed their collaboration skills.

On Europeana Resources

The students used Europeana to select the works of art they wanted to incorporate into their museum: DaVinci and Greek sculptures were their favourites.

IMAGE 1 – Students selecting works of art. CC-BY-SA Aarón Bernárdez
IMAGE 2 – Writing the texts. CC-BY-SA Aarón Bernárdez
IMAGE 3 – Incorporating all media into the Thinglink. CC-BY-SA Aarón Bernárdez

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Europeana living museum, created by Ivana Stiglec

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