Implementation of ‘Exploring Electricity’ (SOI-MT-509)


This implementation involved one mixed-ability Physics class, comprising 9 male students aged 14 to 15 in a school in Malta. Through this activity, the students got acquainted with the Europeana Collections, and they had to design an online game using pictures of one aspect of the topic of electricity that was being learned in class as part of their curriculum. The activity occurred over a double lesson, covering 1 hour and 20 minutes halfway through the topic. The students could refer to their notes to choose the relevant study area.

Figure 1 – Students preparing their work in the computer lab


Preparation of work

The decision was to incorporate a collaborative activity into a project using the Learning Apps interface. The students were asked to divide into groups of three. They were asked to take a PC in the computer lab and look for pictures related to electricity in the Europeana galleries. The students were then asked to open an account on Learning Apps to save their work. Students examined learning apps, focusing on the “Matching Pairs” activities. Subsequently, they use the assembled content to develop a shared “physics” game on the learning app interface.

Figure 2 – Screenshot of the learning apps application

Dissemination of work

By the end of the double lesson, the students were meant to upload a link to their designed
game on the general channel of their class team on MS Teams. Interested students will have
the opportunity to observe and evaluate the game.

Figure 3 – Screenshot of MS Teams showing the uploaded presentations


This story of implementation aims to actively include students with lower academic capabilities by encouraging the usage of visuals pertaining to electricity. This technique improves understanding and fosters 21st-century abilities such as creativity, teamwork, visual literacy, and technology proficiency. The students’ enthusiasm aided me in acquiring the expertise and aptitude to use digital resources in project-based learning successfully.

Link to the learning scenario implemented: Exploring Electricity? (LS-MK-300)

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PDM 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology.

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