Implementation of ‘Food Tests’ (SOI-MK-85)

14-year-old Serbian students tried to implement the learning scenario “Food Tests” by Biljana Ilieva in Italian language classes. The goal of the scenario is to introduce the students with Europeana’s resources and motivate them to think about healthy food and nutrition.

Europeana Food and Drink

First, they were getting familiar with Europeana food and drink platform and the e-learning resources section of the website. After that, the students were asked to discuss their food preferences.

Following the PPT presentation outline Food that helps us grow and become healthy adults, they made a conclusion that today, various questions are being asked about so-called junk food and the merits of healthy eating. Students were aware that they prefer unhealthy food to eat for a snack.

Typical Serbian cuisine

As homework, after viewing the PPT slides of Choosing Food and Staying Healthy, students were asked to make a Sway presentation about typical Serbian food in Italian and here is their final result.

Ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture

During the next lesson, we wanted to expand the topic on Sustainable Development Goal Number 2: Ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. In addition to the preferences in taste and traditions, they emphasized the availability of food among the populations of the world.

Not all children and young people have the necessary quantities at their disposal for harmonious growth. There are those in the world who still die of hunger – it was the students’ conclusion.

Some students wanted to create the action to promote SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”, to fight world hunger and food waste. This is their creation in Minecraft.

Video created by students about their action to promote SDG 2 “Zero Hunger”

In the end, I can conclude that implementing this LS, my students developed communicative competences in Italian and English, digital competences, social and civic competences, learning to learn, collaboration and participation. It is an interdisciplinary lesson, correlated with other subjects: Foreign Languages, Informatics, Citizenship, Biology and Social Studies.

Download this story of implementation here:

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Food Tests created byBiljana Ilieva 

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