Implementation of ‘From the photon to the leaf’ (SOI-GR-63)

STEM training: an introduction

In the recent year, an elementary school is being deployed to develop interdisciplinary scenarios. In this approach, central ideas are examined through different perspectives. “Nature” as a system attracts our interest to “sink” in its depth, seeking fundamental relationships. So every topic that can cover searches and queries is included in our interests.

Prior to implementation, the educational scenario was adapted to elementary school pupils (ages 11-12). I teach in a primary school of rural and tourist area. The natural environment is directly linked to man-made and gives the possibility of multiple observations. I consciously proceeded to a guided and discovery approach.

Implementation design: beginning and outdoor activity

Initially, we focused on the visual diversification of the natural environment in the current period. The brainstorming of ideas has led us to the central point of the issue. Then, the observation in the school’s natural environment gave us primary material, which students collected.

Implementation design: laboratory and group activities

Subsequently, in the workshop of natural sciences, students’ groups study the morphological elements. They then filed accusations and sought additional information from the Europeana Collections. With the material, they designed posters and computer presentations.

Then, the teams discussed the functional role of the leaves, the relationship of the sunlight. The groups began with the nature of light, photons, energy, searching for information from digital textbooks or the digital repository.

Implementation design: expansion of knowledge

Subsequently, using three-dimensional models, the teams analyzed the function of the sheet. They mainly focused on fundamental elements and transformations. The biological and chemical function of the sheet excited them, as was shown by the final discussion during their presentations.

Implementation design: in the art

Then the teams searched in the collections of Europeana works of painters on the sheet, observed and recorded their feelings. Finally, in summary, students reached conclusions that are directly related to the natural environment and human activities.

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From the photon to the leaf created by Andrea Checchetti

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