Implementation of ‘Having Fun with Levi’ (SOI-RO-180)

I am a teacher of English as a foreign language in a Romanian high school, and since March 11, 2020, schools have been closed all over the country. Yet, together with the other teachers in my school, we decided to go online, and we opted for Google Classrooms, which are now up and functional. So, I decided to teach students online, and during an entire week, for students in different classes, ranging from grades 9 to 12, I got them involved in working on the learning scenario “Having Fun with Levi”. There were more than 50 students who accessed the lesson, did the tasks, answered the questions, and commented.

Teaching process

Before making the lesson available for students, I read very carefully many learning scenarios, and I decided to choose this one because I thought the topic would be interesting for students, and they would have no problem when it came to accessing the materials and understanding the language, as my students’ level of English is in general from A2 to B2+ according to CEFR.

The lesson was divided into many parts with different tasks, each of them containing the materials, the links provided in the learning scenario. Students had to access these materials (images, videos, texts), and after that, they had to do the task, which included answering questions, finding information, choosing the right answer, or writing a short essay. Students also had to research on their own, which means they not only accessed the information which was provided, but they also had to look it up, and provide the others with content, which improved their ability to learn independently.


An advantage of teaching this lesson online is related to the fact that all the students in the virtual class had access to what their classmates produced, and here I mean answers to the questions, writing, and this means better interaction between students.

Another advantage is the fact that students get used to using technology for learning, not only for entertainment, and they keep connected to school, teachers and classmates.

The lesson was a successful one and using the resources provided by Europeana now, in this context, is extremely helpful for teachers, as we can keep in touch with students and have them continue learning.

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