Implementation of ‘In Love with Africa’ (SOI-MT-74)

I implemented this project-based learning scenario starting from real issues and finishing with a public presentation of the products realized by the pupils.

In love with…Nature

The lesson was implemented with students aged between 9-10 years during Art lessons. It aspired to raise awareness about nature. The activity was designed in a way that students would appreciate the beauty of nature and understand the problems that our negligence might cause to this if we care less. It also focused on Reusing, Reducing and Recycling waste.

Promoting sustainability

The lesson included a brainstorming activity about students’ previous knowledge of nature and how we could preserve and protect it. They were also introduced to the project NATURE through ART, raising awareness about this topic.

Students expressed their opinions. They had to explain how they think that we are damaging nature. And what could be done to preserve it and protect it?

How can we show the beauty of Nature to our relatives and other students in an original way?

Students presenting their artworks during the school’s farewell day

The final decision was that to get to school unused old clothes. Then, draw and paint images which promote sustainability. The students were instructed not to write any message but draw and paint images instead of words. Later, they could organise a fashion show and present their creations to the entire school during their Farewell day to Secondary School done on the 21st of June, 2019.

Things that went well and could be improved

The students were very interested and nearly all the students got some old clothes to be used for this project. They were very looking forward to start working on this new and different project. In the end, some students were a bit shy to run through the catwalk with their artworks, but I managed to persuade them to believe more in themselves and that they did excellent work and that they can overcome this and just do it perfectly like the other students.

Technically speaking, space to let the clothes dry was limited, but necessary arrangements were done in order to use another classroom to let these dry slowly.

Allotted time

More time was needed to finish the works with less stress and hassle. Pupils had to get some old extra buttons, recycled accessories and reuse them in order to make the clothes look better, creative and refined.

If we had more time, I could have gathered all the photos and create a video clip documenting the whole process. It could have been used as an introduction, at the beginning of the fashion show for the students’ relatives who came for this event.

Educational Objectives – achieved?

I believe that, in the long run, the educational objectives were reached. As during every session, students were reminded that every they have done and created was in order to promote love for nature by reusing, reducing and recycling waste. The students were very proud of the works of art they have created.

Usage of Europeana Resources

The students were exposed to Europeana resources which are related to nature. These helped them to come up with ideas about what they can draw and then paint on their reused clothes. They were also encouraged to look up and select more Europeana images to find inspiration for their final works.

The final show

The fashion show was held at the school hall. I can say that this was a huge success and the students have really enjoyed themselves!

I believe that the students’ participation in this activity increased awareness about nature. Not only amongst the students but also amongst their parents who came for this event.

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In love with Africa created by Vittoria Volterrani

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