Implementation of ‘In love with Africa’ (SOI-RO-32)

My name is Gratiela Visan, I am part of the Romanian User Group and implemented the learning scenario of Vittoria Volterrani In love with Africa.

Why this project?

I chose this project because the theme can be easily integrated into the curriculum. In addition, the project-based learning method is beneficial for younger students because it allows them to collaborate, develop critical thinking, give visibility to classroom work, and develop their social skills. This is why we chose this scenario for implementation.

Europeana Collections ‘ON SAFARI Gallen-Kallela in Africa’ and ‘Leaving Europe: a new life in America‘ enchanted the students through the new colours and eccentricity. Students have been involved with interest since the beginning of the lesson. After the Driven Question: “How can we show the beauty of Africa to families and other students in an interactive exhibition?”. They worked enthusiastically on the subject.

It was interesting because kids have discovered landscapes, climates, flora, fauna, art, and products of Africa. In addition, the youngsters have been able to practice their digital skills, critical thinking and teamwork.


What really liked the students was the ‘exit ticket’ game. Students had to write: 3 new things learnt -2 things that make them curious -1 question they still have.

The paintings exhibition was arranged in the hall of the school and was an attraction for the other students in the school. It was an exciting way to learn about Africa and to apply new knowledge in various contexts.

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In love with Africa created by Vittoria Volterrani

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